Germiston Council Chambers Upgrade for Ekurhuleni Municipality

Electrical services
Electronic services
HVAC services


Vodacom Phase IV

This project, known as Renaissance Building, is also located at the Midrand campus and comprises of a 20 000m2 office block for staff as well accommodation for Vodacom's preferred suppliers. As for the Phase 3 project essential services had to be backed up by generator and UPS power.
On this site a football and netball field, with change room facilities were built for Vodacom staff for which suitable flood-lighting had to be designed and erected. Also, a full amphitheatre was built which was later used for the gathering of the 2010 world cup award announcement.
Provision has also been made in the electrical infrastructure to build a second office block, of similar size, on the same site.
This project commenced in 2002 and was completed 12 months later.

Vodacom Phase III

This phase consisted of 2 buildings:

The building known as Commercial Park, consisted of a 30 000m2 office block, with full supporting facilities for Vodacom staff, such as a canteen, pause areas, meeting rooms, IT computer room and hub-rooms and an executive dining room. This building has an access floor throughout the office areas.
The building has been provided with a 3 MVA incoming power supply with generator and UPS (dual redundancy) back-up power for the essential services such as PCs, air conditioning of computer room and the hub-rooms. The computer room has since been extended and is currently powered by an additional transformer, generator and UPS capacity.
The second building, now called Service Park was designed as a 1000 seat call-centre. Vodacom's intention was to centralise their local call centres in this facility. Being a call centre particular attention was given to the back-up power arrangement, with full generator and dual redundant UPS back-up facilities.
This building also accommodates Vodacom's cell phone storage warehouse. This facility measures approximately 5000m2 in area and has a height of 12m.

Vodacom Phase V

To further consolidate staff facilities and to provide increasing support for their preferred suppliers, Vodacom decided to embark on the next phase of their expansion plan. This consisted of buying out an existing office facility (Pactel) and building another office block adjacent to this building.
This project consisted of approximately 15 000m2 of office space and included the now pre-requisite computer - hub room arrangement and the back-up power via generators and UPSs.
Many of Vodacom's suppliers have since moved into this facility from the Phase 4 building due to insufficient space.
The project commenced in 2004 and was completed 12 months later.

Vodacom Phase VI

This building is known as the Techno Park Building and is positioned on the most Southern point of the Vodacom campus. The project was split into the main switching centres (MSC’s) and the associated office block. Nala was responsible for the latter in addition to the medium voltage supply to Techno Park. The office block is made up of a single level basement parking of approximately 5,000m2 and an approximate 10,000m2 double storey office block.

The office block consists of open plan offices, management offices, meeting rooms, dual supply hub rooms and a canteen. The east freeway facing façade can accommodate signage and can be viewed by the passing traffic. Access floors are installed throughout the office area.

Techno Park has an 8 MVA capacity supply from City Power for the MSC and offices. The offices are supported with 1 000kVA emergency generator power and UPS power fed from two independent 400kVA UPS’s.

The project commenced in February 2006 and was completed in June 2008.


Nala were appointed as the principal agent and electrical and electronic services engineers for the new Vodacom MSC and Earth Station project in Bloemfontein.

This is Vodacom’s key cellular network transmission and switching point in their Central Region. The project commenced in 2006 and has recently been completed.

Nala designed and supervised installation of the following systems for the above multimillion rand project:

MV and LV Reticulation, including miniature substation and transformer installation, with full redundancy and backup power systems
Main Earthing and Lightning Protection
Full Standby Power Generation and UPS Systems
DC and Rectifier Systems
Full Security installation including electrified perimeter fencing, CCTV system and Access Control system


First phase consisted of 4000 parking bay facilities.
Second phase provided 5000 additional bays.
Pay-on-Foot system designed for the entire airport.
Variable message signage installed to optimise traffic flow.
Security surveillance provided throughout.



The DST (Dept. of Science and Technology) decided to relocate their head office from the Pretoria CBD to a site at the CSIR campus in Scientia. The building, an office block, consisted of 20 000m2 of space to accomodate 400 people.

A fundamental requirement was that the building design incorporates "green building" principles as far as possible and as far as the budgets would allow.

As far as the electrical design was concerned, the following measures were implemented to meet the green building objectives:

Lighting dimming system, using the DALI principles. The dimming system was linked to a PC based BMS to provide full flexibility on dimming and switching.
Electronic ballasts for all light fittings for the project.
Power factor correction on the LV distribution system on the main Distribution Board.
Energy saving lamps and control gear used exclusively for this project.
Our office was responsible for the complete electrical and electronic services, including VoIP systems.
The project commenced in mid-2005 and was completed in mid-2006.


The City Deep project forms part of the government's Hostels Redevelopment Programme. the City Deep project involves turning a former men's only hostel into a housing development able to accommodate complete families.

Located south-east of Johannesburg in the City Deep Container Depot area, construction on the project started in June 2005 with a capital investment from the City of Johannesburg. City Deep has been given a comprehensive facelift by converting dormitories into comfortable living units suitable for families.

The first phase of the project involved funding of R6 million to develop 123 units. Phase two has recently been completed, with construction currently underway on phase three. Phase two and three will add an additional 223 units of various densities and targeted at different income categories. 92 of these family apartments are already completed.

Additional units are being constructed as a greenfields project. By the end of the project a total of 654 units as well as roads, pedestrian walkways, gardens and amenities will have been constructed.


A JOSHCO Inner City rejuvenation project, B G Alexander (formerly a nurse's home and training facility) is located in the heart of Hillbrow. In response to market demands, JOSHCO has converted part of the building into single-room accommodation. Phase one of the project created 228 communal housing units and cost R12 million. Phase two includes the construction of bachelor, one and two bedroom rental apartments. In total, the project consists of 490 units consisting of 376 communal housing rooms, six bachelor units, 15 one-bedroom apartments, 12 two-bedroom apartments and 81 emergency housing beds.

The final phase of the project includes the rejuvenation and building of a training centre, a community kitchen, four recreation halls, a sports area, a crèche able to accommodate 160 children, an auditorium and offices to provide community and social services.


The project included the refurbishment of the existing 35 000m2 shopping centre with new malls, shopfronts, ceilings and an addition of 3 500m2 of shopping space, as well as a taxi rank and hawkers' facilities upgrade.


The project consisted of additions, extensions and refurbishment of the existing mall areas, including new Value Centre, Food Court, Furniture Mall, taxi rank and hawkers' facilities.
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